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In performing our services, it is our goal to provide hands-on project management with an emphasis on attention to detail and personal service. In addition, we bring a professional atmosphere, proper quality control and prompt service to all projects. It is our belief that the combination of the above, together with our "do it right the first time" policy, offers a total consulting package, which guarantees on time and within budget performance. The application of our beliefs together with our attitude, has proven to be successful for our team. Our past performance is a strong indication of our ability to successfully complete small and large projects on time and within budget.

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Services Provided by GS2…


Construction & Preconstruction

Preconstruction and Construction Consulting

Geotechnical Services (Preconstruction Engineering)

  • Geotechnical and Exploratory Drilling Services
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Bearing Analysis

Construction Materials Testing & Inspections (Site Preparation and Construction Services)

  • Quality Control of Construction Materials
  • Proof Roll Inspection of Exposed Cut/Fill Sections

Existing Facilities (Post Construction Services For Existing Structures)


In-House Drilling Services

GS2 Engineering & Environmental Consultants, Inc. has a four-wheel drive truck mounted drill rig, personnel with over 20 years of combined drilling experience, and a knowledgeable geological and engineering staff experienced in interpreting soil data. Our drill rig is capable of…

Sub-Contract Drilling Services

GS2 has also established ongoing relationships with a majority of the major drilling companies in the area, in order to meet any project need …

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Assessment Services

  • Wetlands Delineation, Permitting, and Restoration
  • Property Transfer Audits (Phase I and II Assessments)

Environmental Corrective and Remedial Actions (Soil, Water and Groundwater)

  • Pump and Treats
  • Vapor (soil gas) Extraction

Other Environmental Services

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Air Modeling Analysis

Laboratory Testing Servicies

Our firm is proud to offer laboratory testing services through our AASHTO and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accredited laboratories.

  • AASHTO and Unified Soil Classification Testing
  • Standard and Modified Soil Proctor Testing
  • Atterberg Limits Testing
  • Grain Size w/ Hydrometer Testing
  • Concrete, Mortar and Masonry Compressive Str. Testing
  • California Bearing Ratio Testing
  • Agricultural Testing

GS2 performs many other soil, concrete, masonry and steel laboratory testing services, which will be made available on request. Contact Us for more information


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